Voi Reach

Voi Reach captures the power of social connections in a single AI-enhanced mobile application to provide unparalleled support for individuals with behavioral health issues. By engaging their natural support network, individuals can build and reach out to their care team, which can include friends, family, community members, behavioral health coaches, therapists, clinicians, and other professionals who can provide readily accessible support and encouragement.

Delivering immediate benefits

Serving caregivers and individuals in multiple settings

How Voi Reach works


We have solved the problem of access to certain behavioral health services by providing our revolutionary connected care tool, Voi Reach.

Using revolutionary, AI-augmented technology, Voi Reach is designed to provide continuous support for patients in need. Voi Reach can deliver instantaneous, 24/7 feedback and guidance for patients with behavioral health needs. It can also provide assessments, educational materials, and AI-guided insights. Unlike other systems, Voi Reach also provides the unique capability to assist caregivers and team members, thus dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the tool.


Voi Reach enables in-app coaching when individuals add a behavioral health coach, therapist, clinician, and/or other professionals to their natural support network, to optimize ongoing support and care. The behavioral health coach, or other designated healthcare professional, allows access for24/7 contact with the patient and his/her care team through the Voi Reach messaging platform. The professionals are specially trained to assist patients and to train individuals in the support network to be effective listeners and team members.


Behavioral health coaches, therapists, clinicians, and/or other professionals are specifically trained to help reduce suicides and provide support for various behavioral health issues through a combination of empirically-tested therapeutic frameworks that promote resilience and protect against suicide. These healthcare professionals can send messages, educational resources, or assessments in real time.

As part of our unique engagement model, we offer the capability to enhance support after treatment by connecting the behavioral health coach, therapist, clinician, and/or other professional and the patient with the individual’s care team (friends, family, community members, care providers). Once the patient signs a release of information (ROI), these healthcare professionals can speak with and guide care team members.


After downloading Voi’s free, mobile application, individuals with behavioral health issues can start creating a care team through simple digital invites. Care team members’ photos appear around the patient’s photo in the app as each accepts the invitation.

If a patient is in immediate crisis,Voi offers active rescue services through coordination with local law enforcement and emergency services.


Once an individual opts in, our machine learning algorithm continuously scans the individual’s messages behind the scenes, looking for risk indicators. If the individual provides additional permission, Voi Reach can also continuously scan social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, for language that might indicate increased risk. Upon identifying high-risk data, the algorithm automatically sends a notification to the behavioral health coach, therapist, clinician, and/or other professional (if designated) to contact the patient.

Implementing Voi Reach

Voi Reach can be deployed easily and implemented anywhere there is a need for providing ongoing behavioral health treatment and improving patient outcomes. Voi works with your team to address your specific needs and deliver an optimal solution.


The Voi Reach app can be implemented immediately upon product deployment. However, if enabling in-app coaching, Voi will need to train your behavioral health coaches, therapists, clinicians, and/or other professionals to use the Voi Reach platform.


Voi Reach can be deployed to reach individuals in a variety of settings, including patients discharged from hospitals, outpatients, students at universities, and veterans and military service members at home or in their communities.


Pricing depends on your specific requirements (number of individuals, care parameters, integration with Voi Detect, etc.). Voi will work with your team to address your specific needs and design an optimal solution.