Military & Veterans

Over 20 veterans will commit suicide today. It’s time we save the lives of those who have saved ours.

We recognize the immense contributions of our U.S. servicemen and women. It is our honor to partner with the department of Veteran Affairs to offer cutting-edge suicide risk assessment and prevention to increase safety for those who have served our country.

Supporting our Veterans

At Voi we believe the first step to prevent suicide is accurate identification and stratification of risk. We accomplish this through a unique combination of suicide risk screening and machine learning. We have partnered with top technology providers to continuously scan a veteran’s medical record for information that increases risk. If a veteran is identified as high risk, Voi Detect confirms risk and provides the next level of care. Voi Detect surpasses all other risk assessments in its capability to identify near-term risk on par with a psychiatrist in only 2 minutes without requiring a costly and scarce psychiatrist resource.

Continuous Care

Unfortunately, many veterans live in rural settings without easy access to health services. We have solved the problem of restricted access to mental health services by providing our revolutionary connected care tool called “Reach.” For veterans who are at suicide risk Voi Reach provides 24/7 access to a caring behavioral health coach who will help guide the veteran back to health. Our behavioral health coaches are veterans themselves who have been trained to assist others in need. If veterans choose to allow access to their larger support network, our behavioral health coaches will also aid friends, family, and professionals involved in the veteran’s life.

Clinical Services Model

Our veteran behavioral health coaches are carefully matched with each veteran in need. We consider factors such as age, gender, geographic location and service history when considering who will be best suited to help the veteran in need. After initiating a relationship, our veteran behavioral health coaches provide continuous messaging support through our app. Behavioral health coach guidance for depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or other mental health concerns is grounded in best practice for remote care for these conditions. If a veteran is in immediate crisis Voi offers active rescue services through coordination with local law enforcement and emergency services.