Hospitals & Integrated Health Delivery Systems

Hospitals have a duty to provide the best possible quality of care, improve overall health, and ensure access to care for anyone who walks through their doors. Voi enables hospitals to uphold that duty to people living with behavioral health issues by providing cost-, time-, and resource-efficient solutions that emphasize quality and compassion.

Voi can help hospitals and integrated health delivery systems:

  • dramatically improve suicide risk detection in emergency departments and inpatient and outpatient settings;
  • increase the accuracy of risk detection and streamline the workflow of complex healthcare systems;
  • help reduce cost and risk while improving patient care, standardization and documentation.

Voi implements its solutions by providing customization and an interface with electronic health records. It takes less than two weeks to set up the Voi platform. There is an initial fee for this phase. Voi Detect itself is reimbursable through most major insurance programs using existing CPT codes and provides up to a four-fold return on investment.