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Between 2010 and 2014 there were over 1,000 suicides in the U.S. within 72 hours of discharge from a hospital.

We partner with hospitals and health systems to dramatically improve suicide risk detection in emergency departments and inpatient settings. Voi Detect is designed to increase the accuracy of risk detection and streamline the workflow of complex healthcare systems. This allows healthcare systems to reduce cost and risk while improving patient care, standardization and documentation.

Why aren’t we doing more?

In 2016 the Joint Commission mandated suicide risk screening in emergency departments for all patients. Since that time, healthcare systems have struggled to comply with the mandate. The primary reason for difficulties with compliance have been challenges with staffing, training, and modification of E.D. workflows. To add to the challenge, until now, there have been no screening tools developed specifically for near-term suicide risk (within 72 hours). There are also limited resources available to follow-up and monitor patients post discharge to help them maintain safety.

Your partner in health

Proactive screening using Voi Detect in the hospital can reduce suicide. It has several unique features that make it an optimal solution for the problem of near-term suicide detection in health systems.

Voi Detect:

Post-Discharge Suicide Prevention

The CDC has identified connectedness between a suicidal patient and his/her family and community as its primary strategic direction for the prevention of suicide. Despite decades of research underscoring the importance of relationships for effective suicide prevention, facilitating a patient’s support network has proven to be extremely difficult. On average, healthcare systems lack the tremendous resources required to promote and engage with a patient’s natural environment outside the confines of the hospital. We’ve solved this problem with Voi Reach.

Voi Reach is the first suicide prevention solution that integrates a personalized Behavioral Health Coach (BHC) with a patient’s natural support network to optimize post-discharge care. It is the BHC’s job to provide 24/7 contact with the patient and his/her care team as needed through our messaging platform. BHC’s are specifically trained to help reduce suicidality through a combination of empirically-tested therapeutic frameworks that promote resilience and protect against suicide.

Behind the scenes, our machine learning algorithm continuously scans medical record and message data to look for risk. Upon identifying high-risk data the algorithm automatically sends a notification to the BHC to contact the patient.


Voi Detect is reimbursable through most major insurance programs using existing CPT codes. We work with your organization to make Voi Detect close to no cost with reimbursements after an initial setup fee. Voi Reach can be added to the Voi Detect solution to optimize suicide prevention efforts. Voi Reach capabilities are priced based on the scale and need of the healthcare organization. Contact a sales representative now to learn more about pricing.


Most Voi Detect deployments take less than 2 weeks to setup. We offer customization and an interface with your electronic health record.