Voi Detect

The new standard of care

Voi Detect is the new standard of care for imminent suicide risk screening and behavioral health assessment. It features an exclusive assessment that predicts risk as effectively as a highly trained psychiatrist, is HIPAA-compliant, and delivers digitized risk assessments and detailed analytics on patients and populations. Voi Detect orients professionals to those most at risk, tracks patient progress, and provides direction on how to manage the risk.

Delivering immediate benefits

Serving caregivers in multiple settings

How Voi Detect works

A Library of Assessments

Voi Detect can deliver an extensive catalog of open-­source and proprietary assessment instruments to assess for behavioral health conditions.

Examples of available assessments:

Voi Detect can incorporate any behavioral health risk assessment that can be digitized. We can also use and/or digitize your proprietary measures.

Our Exclusive Assessment

Voi Detect has exclusive rights to the Systematic Expert Risk Assessment for Suicide (SERAS):

Unlike the C-SSRS, SERAS can be rapidly patient-administered and is specifically designed to detect near-term (next 72 hours) suicide risk. Unlike either the C-SSRS or the PHQ-9, SERAS replicates the suicide risk assessment of expert assessors, by improving its accuracy and ability to predict risk.

Based on its unique scoring algorithm, SERAS is also able to improve its predictive capabilities over time, if it is integrated with the EHR.

Detailed Analytics and Insight

After an assessment is completed, Voi Detect generates real-time risk scores for the healthcare professionals to review. It also monitors and tracks operational and compliance metrics.

Clinics, hospitals, and healthcare systems can manage deployment and track patients’ progress through their electronic health record (EHR) — or they can choose to have the Voi team provide that service.

Assessments can be completed without internet connectivity. Once connectivity is reestablished, the stored results can be automatically posted back to the EHR and uploaded to the Voi Detect dashboard.

Implementing Voi Detect

Voi Detect can be deployed and implemented anywhere there is a need for streamlining the risk assessment process while increasing efficiency in time, cost, and resources.

Voi works with your team to address your specific needs and deliver an optimal solution. Most Voi Detect deployments take fewer than two weeks to setup.


Typically, administration, scoring, and documentation can be managed by administrative staff, saving medical professionals’ time if the deployment is in a medical setting.


We work with your organization to make Voi Detect pay for itself through reimbursements, as pertinent. Voi Detect is reimbursable through most major health insurance programs, and generates up to a 4:1 return on investment via established CPT codes.


Pricing depends on your specific environment. We offer customization and an interface with your electronic health record, if applicable.