Unleash the future of commuting: Meet Voiager 7, Voi’s most user-friendly e-scooter yet

Apr 3, 2024

Voi, the leading micromobility company in Europe, has unveiled its newest generation e-scooter, the Voiager 7, as it continues its mission of shaping cities made for living.

The latest addition to the Voi e-scooter family seamlessly combines innovative technology with ergonomic principles and progressive design to deliver an even safer and smoother riding experience.

New dual-display dashboard provides real-time insights for seamless navigation

With Voi's service spanning more than 100 cities throughout Europe, each with its own set of regulations, such as parking rules and speed limits, navigating these urban landscapes can prove challenging for some riders. However, the Voiager 7 addresses this issue head-on with its state-of-the-art dual-display dashboard, offering riders instantaneous access to crucial real-time information.

This dashboard provides riders with a comprehensive overview through a combination of clear text and intuitive icons, particularly useful when traversing areas with specific regulations, such as designated slow-speed zones or no-parking areas. In these instances, the Voiager 7 intelligently adjusts its speed, ensuring compliance with local ordinances and enhancing safety for both riders and pedestrians.

Moreover, the dual-display dashboard empowers riders to effortlessly monitor vital vehicle metrics, including battery level, current speed, and indicator status.

Larger tyre and widened footboard for enhanced stability and comfort

The Voiager 7 features a 12-inch front tyre, larger than its predecessors, specifically engineered for superior shock absorption when riders are navigating bustling city streets, dodging potholes or tackling cobblestone pathways.

The seventh-generation Voi scooter also introduces a widened footboard, covered by high-quality, non-slip silicone material. This spacious footboard tailors to riders of all sizes in order for them to find their perfect stance, ensuring maximum stability and control throughout their journey. 

Advancing e-scooter performance through extended range and greener operations

Thanks to a larger battery capacity and the implementation of a cutting-edge regenerative braking system, the Voiager 7 redefines the boundaries of shared e-scooter performance. With an impressive range of up to 110 kilometers on a single charge, more riders can confidently embark on long journeys before the battery needs recharging. 

The combination of an extended range and a regenerative braking system enhances the overall user experience and plays a pivotal role in boosting Voi’s operational efficiency. Not only does it extend the scooter’s range but it also reduces energy consumption and minimises environmental impact, making the Voiager 7 a sustainable choice for urban commuters.

Rigorously tested - proven to last

In prioritising safety, performance and reliability, the Voiager 7 has undergone thorough testing procedures, both in controlled laboratory environments and on simulated city streets, enduring over 40,000 kilometers of harsh road conditions.

The Voiager 7's endurance and reliability reflect Voi’s commitment to engineering quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring riders can trust its performance.

The Voiager 7 also includes new features such as:

  • A robust, sleek design with interactive elements in a distinct colour, makes it more intuitive for riders how to use functions such as indicators, bell, phone holder, accelerator and brakes.

  • Integrated indicators, visible from all angles, allowing riders to signal manoeuvres. What’s new is the display of indicator status on the dashboard, accompanied by an audible turn signal for both announcement and a reminder to turn it off,  for the improved safety of all road users.

  • Upgraded phone holder with a two-claw design that securely locks the device in place to avoid damage during the ride.

  • New dual kickstand equipped with widened, reinforced feet provides increased ground contact patch and prevents slipping, so that the scooter remains upright when not in use, even on uneven or slippery surfaces.

  • New, smarter IoT (Internet of Things) which allows for increased data storage on the device, and faster data processing. In addition, its improved location accuracy makes the Voiager 7 significantly easier to park, and also increases ease of navigation between zones.

  • Extended lifespan: The Voiager 7 has an expected average lifespan of eight years.

  • 35% of the materials used to produce Voiager 7 have been recycled, that’s 30% more recycled material than used for its predecessor.

  • Thanks to its slightly higher weight (36 kg), the Voiager 7 is significantly more robust and thus more stable than its predecessors.

The Voiager 7 is being deployed over the spring months of 2024 in select cities in Germany, Italy and Norway. 

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