Voi Joins Forces with European Mobility Leaders in Future Mobility Taskforce

Jan 16, 2024

As a key player in the European mobility landscape, Voi has been driving sustainable transportation solutions and contributing to the evolution of shared mobility. Embracing the spirit of collaboration and innovation, we are excited to announce our participation in the EU Future Mobility Taskforce.

Launched in January 2024 in collaboration with EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean, this taskforce brings together 18 influential companies and startups across shared mobility, EV charging, maglev, rail, coach, cargo, and air mobility sectors. Our collective aim is to provide valuable insights to policymakers, fostering sustainable, affordable, and connected mobility solutions within existing transport networks.

Voi, alongside esteemed partners like Bolt, Cabify, Flix, Volocopter and others, is committed to shaping the future of transportation. By developing a comprehensive set of recommendations, we seek to contribute to unlocking economic, social, and environmental benefits inherent in the mobility sector. These recommendations will be presented to Commissioner Vălean in the spring.

Douglas Stark, COO at Voi and founding member of the task force: “We are excited about the potential impact and look forward to collaborating with fellow industry leaders on this transformative journey.”

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