Gear Up for the European Football Championship with Voi

Jun 7, 2024

As the European Football Championship kicks off on June 14, excitement is mounting across Germany and Europe. The opening match in Munich marks the beginning of a month-long celebration of football, with ten German cities hosting the event.

At Voi, we've been preparing diligently in coordination with the cities to ensure that fans can travel conveniently, quickly, and most importantly, safely to stadiums, fan zones, and viewing parties.

Temporary Parking Zones and Enhanced Safety Measures

In response to the expected influx of visitors, we've implemented several measures to support our users and enhance safety:

  • Temporary Parking Stations: To facilitate smoother travel to key locations, temporary parking stations for e-scooters have been established at crucial points. This helps alleviate pressure on public transport systems and provides a reliable alternative for getting around.

  • Dedicated Staff and Patrols: In many cities, Voi staff will be on patrol to maintain order before and after the games. Their presence ensures that everyone can enjoy the festivities without any hiccups.

  • Reaction Test: Safety is a top priority for Voi. During the championship, users will be prompted to take a reaction test in the app before unlocking a scooter. This test measures reaction time through tap speed, helping to highlight the dangers of riding under the influence of alcohol or other substances. It’s a step towards promoting responsible riding and ensuring the safety of all road users.

Enhanced Mobility Features for Groups

For groups traveling together, Voi has introduced the new "Group Ride" feature, making it easier for friends to ride to games and fan zones together. This feature allows one user to unlock up to five scooters, ensuring everyone can ride safely and legally. The user who initiates the group ride is responsible for ensuring all riders are of legal age, ride responsibly, and adhere to traffic regulations.

We are excited to be part of this grand event and look forward to a fair and festive tournament, both on and off the pitch. Stay safe and enjoy the championship with Voi!

Learn more about the measures taken in various cities, for example:

Euro_Parking concept_Hamburg.jpgEuro_Parking concept_Dortmund.jpg

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