5th DACH City Symposium on 11 April

Apr 18, 2024

On 11 April 2024, Voi hosted its 5th DACH City Symposium on Micromobility. The event brought together a wide range of experts from different countries to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with e-scooter and e-bike sharing.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology on the importance of available mobility stations

KTH Royal Institute of Technology presented a study on the significance of accessible mobility stations. Boel Berg Wincent from KTH examined the effects of recent parking regulations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. As of September 2022, e-scooters and e-bikes must be parked in designated areas in Sweden. The research demonstrated that these rules are most accepted when there is a high density and availability of parking stations. The study emphasized the importance of shifting traffic areas from private motorized transport towards eco-friendly mobility options.

Conncected Mobility Düsseldorf on the mobility mix of the future

Dr David Rüdiger from Connected Mobility Düsseldorf presented the city's vision for a diverse mobility mix. As a subsidiary of the City of Düsseldorf, Connected Mobility Düsseldorf (CMD) plays a key role in promoting car sharing, managing shared mobility and developing innovative solutions for urban mobility. Mr Rüdiger's point of view: "The time of chaotic conditions is over. By setting up sharing stations, integrating rental scooters into the public transport network and integrating digital assistance systems, cities can already closely control and shape the organisation of e-scooter sharing.

The city of Winterthur on the success of its tender process

Marc Vetterli from the Civil Engineering Office of the City of Winterthur reported on the experience of awarding licences for e-scooter sharing. Until 2023, five providers were still active in Winterthur - too many for the city and also for the users. By organising a tender, the city limited the number of providers and vehicles. The creation of additional parking spaces helped to improve the parking regulations and increase the quality of the sharing services. In the future, Winterthur plans to pilot schemes in neighbouring areas to further improve mobility throughout the region.

Voi on proven regulatory solutions in their active markets

Voi, represented by Dominic Voekt, shared insights on regulatory solutions in active markets. Voekt stressed the importance of well-organized regulations rather than the specific form they take, emphasizing the benefits of hybrid solutions that balance flexibility and order in operational design. By collaborating closely with cities, providers can develop sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions.

The symposium showcased the range of possibilities in micromobility and highlighted the success of collaborative efforts between providers and cities in developing sustainable mobility solutions.

Watch the recording here.

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