charting the future of behavioral healthcare

Voi is a healthcare technology company delivering empirically-validated solutions that address the needs of those at risk for suicide and other behavioral health issues, as well as those who care for them.

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Voi Detect

the new standard of care for behavioral health

Voi Detect is the new standard of care for imminent suicide risk screening and behavioral health assessment. It is a HIPAA-compliant and EHR-integrated solution that delivers digitized behavioral health risk assessments and detailed analytics on patients and patient populations. Voi Detect features an exclusive assessment that predicts risk as effectively as a highly trained psychiatrist.

2 Minute suicide risk assessment
72 Hour suicide risk prediction

Voi Reach

your mobile behavioral health support

Voi Reach captures the power of social connections in a single mobile application by recreating the natural support network for those struggling with behavioral health issues.

Provides readily accessible support and encouragement
Continues treatment for patients after discharge

Voi’s solutions help solve behavioral health challenges for organizations like the following:

Suicide rates are at a 30‑year high. It’s time to right the ship.


ED patients with high risk of imminent suicide


ED patients with medium risk of imminent suicide


Opportunity for ED to lower adult suicide attempts


average cost per suicide (medical and work loss)